Native Plants

In recent years, using native species for landscape purposes have become common place.  They have been used in traditional ornamental landscapes as well as projects that are mandated to create a positive environmental impact.  Naturalized areas, especially riparian zones, are becoming part of the standard features of many parks and urban buffers.  In response, we at Lakeshore Tree Farms have educated ourselves to identify sources of these native woody species in Saskatchewan and Alberta and have increased our production of these plants for the purposes of reclamation.

Lakeshore Tree Farms grows just about every common woody species native to the Canadian prairie and parkland region for the purpose of supplying naturalization projects.  Storm ponds, creek bank restoration, freeway banks, and borrow pits are examples  of projects we have supplied with 1 gallon to 10 gallon native trees and shrubs.  We are also capable of supplying plugs for specific projects on a contract basis.

Please call or fax us your plant list and we do our best to help you succeed.