Environmental Impact and Sustainability Statement

Lakeshore Tree Farms Ltd (LTF) strives to limit its environmental impact and maintain sustainable farming practices.


  • LTF strives to reduce and prevent soil erosion using cover crops in rotation and by planting grass in between crop rows. This practice also reduces the need for fertilizer
  • LTF tests field soil yearly to prevent over fertilization
  • LTF maintains its equipment to prevent all leaks of hydrocarbons into to soil and it is policy to collect all used and leaking hydrocarbons and to recycle them.


  • LTF uses field soil moisture testing to prevent over irrigation thereby reducing water use.
  • Our waste water runoff from our container fields as well as out sewer outlets are designed to flow into a natural marsh that has no outflow and does not contaminate other water systems. Testing is done to monitor the conditions of this marsh.
  • Pulse irrigation is practiced to reduce the flow-through of water in container plants, reducing the amount of leaching into our wastewater site.


  • LTF uses preemergent herbicides to control weeds in order to reduce the amount of post emergent herbicides and the fuel to apply them.
  • It is the policy of LTF to spray insecticides and fungicides only if said pests are found and confirmed present. Prophylactic spraying is against company policy.


  • LTF actively seeks and reuses pots where possible. Currently, 95% of our yearly container production is planted into used pots.
  • LTF re-uses bamboo stakes where possible and invests the time and effort to preserve them so this is possible.
  • LTF switched from using flax straw for covering plants for winter to using custom made insulated tarps in 2007. This has reduced the impact of airpollution casued by the disposal if used flax straw via incineration.

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